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Introducing the next generation of luxurious LED reception desks.

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    Pure and functional.

    The LED reception desk is hard to miss. In cooperation with the designer, Lukáš Ležatka, we came up with a solution that is both functional and beautiful. LED lighting helps to catch your eye and the globular shape makes the reception desk stand out in any room or space. Everybody knows instinctively that this is the very thing to look at first.

There is no such thing as darkness

Only lack of light.

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Extra features? Definitely

Standard type LED reception desk comes in white laminate, single colour LED and plexiglass ribs divided in multiple parts.

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    Premium surface finish

    Opt for high-matt lacquered MDF in any colour you like.

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    Change the mood

    Ordering RGB or digital LED lighting allows you to change colors or even programme and display patterns at any time.

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    Achieve perfection

    One piece plexiglass ribs make the reception desk look even more unique than it already is.

  • Seems big. Feels big

    It is not.

    • Width

      2 520 mm

    • Height

      1 140 mm

    • Depth

      1 365 mm

    • Weight

      500 kg

    The LED reception desk comes in a durable wooden shipping case. You can safely and easily move it using a pallet truck and to dismantle the case you need two men, one cordless drill and about an hour of time. The reception desk is ready to use right after unpacking. You just need to plug it in.

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